20 thoughts on “Welcome Video from Craig Frazier #QuickStartChallenge

  1. Brilliant video Craig.
    You come across extremely well on video – Lots of confidence – Great job :-)

    I love the topic that you have selected – This is a great idea that will appeal to so many people in so many different niches.

    Good luck for Week 3!

  2. Hey there Craig,

    I am happy you are part of this journey, and this was a great video. Very soft spoken, but convincing as well. I’d like to share ideas with you, if you have the time…



    • Thanks Carlos! Yeah it was late at night and I didn’t want to wake the kids! Would love to connect and share ideas for sure.


  3. Hi Craig, In your video it seems as if you are a seasoned pro…Great Job! Thanks for the warm welcome to your site and I will be in great anticipation to get more content from you in the days ahead. Good Luck to you.

  4. Hi Craig
    First class video and post – your video is very professional and your blog post reads very well you’d think you had been blogging for years. Pleasure to visit your site and you’ve given me some good ideas. Thanks – Colin.

  5. Hi Craig,

    Great job, I like the topic you’ve selected. I am also on The Quick Start Challenge and I am looking forward to your future posts.

  6. Hey Craig,
    AWESOME job on the video my friend 😉 .. dam that kinda sets the bar as I STILL have to record mine .. dam.. lol.
    Nice Spidey poster on the wall too .. you’ll know why i noticed that from your very kind comment on my site recently!.

    looking forward to keeping in touch and hopefully helping each other along this fun process so far and eager to see your success in the short future.

    Best regards

    Carl Kneller aka Puggly and the BPBCREW.- superhero delinquent style..

    • Ha! Thanks Carl! Yeah that is the original dual-sided Spiderman poster with the twin towers in his eye. :)

      Thanks for the comments and encouragement – it has been a fun process and really cool getting to connect with others from the group. Hope we can keep in touch after the lessons are through.

  7. Hey Craig,
    great video! Looks like you’ve done many videos before! Am looking forward to see your progress and wish best luck to you!!!

  8. Awesome job on the video Craig… I am playing a bit of catch up on visiting people’s blogs… looks like you are on top of it all… Am adding your site to my ‘watch’ list for future visits… Wishing you all the best with the Challenge and beyond… :)

    • Thanks Lynne!!! It has been fun getting to see everyone’s blogs and ideas and make connections with those in the group. Hopefully we can all keep in touch once the challenge is through!!!

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