How To Create a Digital Product

How To Create A Digital ProductDid you know that now predicts e-book sales will total more than 8.69 billion dollars in the U.S. alone by 2017?

That is a mind blowing statistic, but where are all these resources coming from and more importantly HOW are they getting created?

If you have wanted to create a digital product to give away or sell online I want to walk you through a very simple 5 step process for creating your own digital product.

I will be covering some additional techniques and more detailed instructions in future posts but for today let me give you an overview of this process that you can start to use right away.

The Simple 5 Step Process for Creating Your Digital Product

Step 1: Define the Purpose – the first step is to define the purpose of your digital product.  Is it going to be used as a free giveaway to encourage subscriptions to a newsletter or as a resource to your existing e-mail list or perhaps as a product you hope to sell?

Step 2: High Level Outline – once you have decided the purpose for your digital product simply list out the main topics or titles you want to cover in the resource.  This is very high level and should be just what comes to mind without a lot of effort.  Don’t spend too much time on this step.

Step 3: Content – now that you have your outline, just start writing about each main topic or title.  Again, this isn’t something you should agonize over for very long.  Write anything and everything that comes to mind knowing that you will go back and edit later.  Don’t stop your flow to fix minor errors or reword sentences….just write.  Once you finish writing your initial content take a break without editing or changing anything.  I typically put it down for the day and pick it back up the following day.

Step 4: Editing – now that you have your initial content written and you have taken a break, simply go back through the content you have written and make your wording changes, fix the typos, delete or add sentences etc.

Step 5: Finalize – depending on the type of document you have created you may want to add in images, a cover page, a disclaimer, table of contents or other intro page.  Now is the time to add those pieces.

Following these 5 simple steps will allow you to easily and quickly create your own digital product that you can use in a variety of ways to promote your website or service or potentially even sell it online.

I will be covering each of these steps in future posts to give you even more helpful tips on writing, and diving into some neat and free tools anyone can use for creating a professional looking cover page for your ebook or other digital product.

If you need help with any part of the process of creating your own digital product check out the Complete E-book Coaching Course for personalized help and consulting with guaranteed results!

10 thoughts on “How To Create a Digital Product

  1. Great information Craig. I am still umming and ahhing about whether to use some plr for my giveaway or to write something myself. One thing I did see yesterday said when you have written something – be it sales copy or an e book (or even an essay for university) – leave it for 24 hours. For those 24 hours you must not go back to it or think about it. Next day go back to it and print it out. Then re read it and edit it. Apparently you spot more errors when something is printed out rather than on screen. This is certainly something I am going to try.
    Also with regard to e book sales I found this article that online learning will reach $107 billion in 2015. Just a small slice of that pie will do me nicely thank you.
    Here is the link in case you wish to read it.

    Best I go now and write some content on my own site :)

  2. Hi Craig, I can see you started off on the right path by creating your own product which is what I intern to do also in the near future. I am planning it will be an ebook which means I will definitely be visiting this site for more tips. Create post thanks.

    • Thanks Boris! Creating your own product will always gives you the most control over your business. No one can tell you what you can or cannot do with it and no one can take it away. You can give it away or sell it for as much as you want. I would love to see you come back as I have more posts coming that can help you create your own digital product. Best of luck to you!

  3. Hi Craig

    Great information I think this could also be a check list for when writing content for our websites.

    Good luck with your online journey

  4. Hi Craig,
    I have already created an e-book that I am giving away as free gift to my subscribers, however, I still find information in this post very helpful – if I had known this exact steps earlier the time for creating my e-book would have been a lot shorter.
    Since I plan on creating more digital products I am waiting for your future posts that would go into all these steps in detail.

    BR, Rino

  5. Hi Craig,

    You a have nice little site here with some helpful information.

    I like the look of your website, as it has a nice clean,simple, modern feel to it.

    I will come back and visit again :)

  6. Hi Craig,
    great post! And simplified the whole process of creating your own product or ebook….. I definitely will follow the steps when I come to writing of this kind! Notes taken! Thank you!!!! Have a good day and regards to North Carolina :).

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