Goals for this Site – Core Values

My goaCore Valuesl for this site is for it to be a straightforward resource for those looking to turn an idea into a digital product.  As I spent some time doing research this week on this topic I ran across a bunch of sites and resources that were confusing, messy, full of ads or just plain difficult to follow.

I don’t want that.

I decide to write some Core Values for this site and the community we will build here.

Focus On Simplicity – I am focused on making these processes and the ideas we develop on this site to be ridiculously simple.  Everyone in the world that can use Microsoft Word should be able to create and sell a digital product online.

Always Provide Value – I am always going to focus on providing more value than cost.  That includes both time and money.  This site should be easy to follow, contain well-written and easy to follow articles and if there is anything to buy it will be a value for the cost.

Be Transparent – this site is as much about you learning how to do this as it about me implementing the steps I am teaching you.  This site and the steps I take on it should be an example for you on how to create your own process and build your own product.  No topic related to the creation and selling of a digital product online is off limits or out of bounds.

Give Back – while most of the resources and information on the site will be free, if you ever truly do not have the resources to pay for one of my digital products simply let me know and we will work something out so you get the information.

This site will be a resource for my friends and family and for you, if you want to learn.  There are so many people that I personally know that should have a digital product to share, yet they think the process is too difficult…it isn’t.

Let me take you by the hand and show you a set of simple steps to help you develop an idea and turn it into a digital product (ebook) that you can give away or sell online.

What….you’ve never seen a set of Core Values for a website before?

6 thoughts on “Goals for this Site – Core Values

  1. Great post, Craig. I really like the idea of having a page that explains the core values of your website. It gives people the chance to see what you’re all about and what you believe in. Instead of a blog post, I think it should be a stand alone page and put it on your menu so people can access it easier. This post might not be easy to find in the future when it’s buried beneath all of your other posts. Just a suggestion…

    • Thanks Ryan! That is a really good suggestion and something I will certainly do once I get some more content out here. Thanks for swinging by and for the great suggestion!

  2. Hi Craig,

    I agree with Ryan. This would be great as an ‘About this site’ page – something usually lacking from many tutorial sites.

    You could also do with renaming your ‘Uncategorized’ category. Call it ‘My Thoughts’ or something similar, then create new categories each time you think a post needs one. It all adds to the site in the end.

    Great theme layout and a nice clean look. Glad to see you doing so well.

    Looking forward to seeing what week 4 brings to us.


    Steven Lucas

    • Thanks for the great insights Steven! I am still wrapping me head around exactly how I want everything laid out but those are solid suggestions and I appreciate it! Would love to stay in contact after we wrap up the training. Craig

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