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craig frazierMy name is Craig Frazier and I am a family man, a small business advocate and entrepreneur.  I work in Human Resources full time and love the interaction with people and the fulfillment of streamlining processes and organizing chaos.

This site is the organization of my thoughts as they relate to information products and a place for me to document the strategies and processes for developing a digital information product or ebook.

My goal is to take away some of the mystery behind how information products are created and develop a simple process of discovery, development and delivery that almost anyone can use to think up a product, develop it into something marketable and finally be able to deliver it to a customer digitally.

I decide to write some Core Values for this site and the community we will build here.

Core ValuesFocus On Simplicity – I am focused on making these processes and the ideas we develop on this site to be ridiculously simple.  Everyone in the world that can use Microsoft Word should be able to create and sell a digital product online.

Always Provide Value – I am always going to focus on providing more value than cost.  That includes both time and money.  This site should be easy to follow, contain well-written and easy to follow articles and if there is anything to buy it will be a value for the cost.

Be Transparent – this site is as much about you learning how to do this as it about me implementing the steps I am teaching you.  This site and the steps I take on it should be an example for you on how to create your own process and build your own product.  No topic related to the creation and selling of a digital product online is off limits or out of bounds.

Give Back – while most of the resources and information on the site will be free, if you ever truly do not have the resources to pay for one of my digital products simply let me know and we will work something out so you get the information.

This site will be a resource for my friends and family and for you, if you want to learn.  There are so many people that I personally know that should have a digital product to share, yet they think the process is too difficult…it isn’t.

Let me take you by the hand and show you a set of simple steps to help you develop an idea and turn it into a digital product (ebook) that you can give away or sell online.

Reach out to me anytime by leaving a comment or emailing me at info@howtowriteanebook.org

Thanks for stopping by the site and joining the discussion!




7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Craig,
    I have just started the same path as you have, with one difference though – you already know what your mission in the internet business is and I am not quite sure about mine. I have strong feeling about what I want, however I still can’t articulate it. I am looking forward to your future posts (I have enlisted your site in My Favorites), hoping that I would find the link I am currently missing. For start – I will download your valuable piece of information you have on your site. I hope that this would be another incentive to keep ypur blog live. Rino

  2. Hello Craig,

    Nice presentation and very interesting topic. I have just started my IM journey with my business partner. The ebook topic is very interesting, count on me to come and visit your site.
    What are actually the minimum pages for an ebook ?

    Good luck on your journey !

    Best regards, Charles

    • Thanks Charles!!! Good luck to you as well. As for you question it really depends on what topic you are covering. For instance my wife has a cookbook resource that is well over a hundred pages on recipes but another topic may be much shorter.

      Great question that I hope to explore more in future posts!

      • Thank you for your reply Craig. I have been learning so much is the past 2 weeks, lol. I could maybe write an ebook about it, just joking.
        Just wanted to say Hi, I first have to read all your other post.

        See you later :)

  3. I love the focus your site has here Craig, it’s a great idea to create a resource which helps others create their own digital products – lots of people aspire to do it.

    I am in the process of creating a company which helps people with the technical aspects of setting up an IM business – maybe we can collaborate in the future?

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